Brothers in Law


Back in 2013, a desire of twos… delivered one of the most creative and tasty ideas in Thessaloniki. Two brothers in law created a passionate team with a main characteristic; love for burgers, quality and style! We are proud and loud of this collaboration, as it was a milestone for us. We trusted each other, giving flesh and bones to a dream; to create a new identity in the burger restaurant culture and mentality of the city.

New York is always the influence when it comes to burgers, but how can you adjust this attitude within a local Greek society, without losing anything from its originality or authenticity? We were part of the creative team, having a goal; to create a memorable brand identity that stands out. Designing the logo, we wanted to give consistency and a classic value. That was the signature that signs a corporate brand identity with a strong character.

Brothers In Law is well known and highly appreciated due to its great comfort food, creative menus and an outstanding design. We are proud to be the hungry fellows creative partners! After hours of meetings and tastings, we are the exclusive design team for every brand perspective; Logo design, packaging and menus, brochures and web design.

You can’t just eat good food, you’ve got to talk about it too.
You can’t just eat good food, you’ve got to talk about it too.