Crocus Collector

Social Media
Can you imagine your perfect ally in a world of rush and stress? Crocus Collector is a groundbreaking range of luxury natural skincare cosmetics with an exclusive crocus complex. A 100% Greek brand inspired by the exclusive treasure of the Greek nature; the organic Crocus Sativus, exclusively flourished in our country, collected by hand. Working with inspired people, listening to their vision and transferring it into the most creative digital storytelling is what we truly enjoy. The Crocus Collector team has a great appreciation for originality and quality, which perfectly matches our philosophy for life and business. So, this collaboration was a great honor and inspiration for high quality and premium content creation. Our strategic plan was focused on visualizing the premium character of the brand through graphic design and specific visuals, both static and motion. Moreover, the copywriting was focused on interesting facts and informational keys about the benefits and the ingredients of a valuable product, as Crocus. We managed to balance among high aesthetics and interesting content in our social media marketing plan, and gain the targeted promotion needed, through our paid ads strategy.
The Crocus reminds us that no matter how harsh the winter, spring always returns.
Prominent Beauty.