What can express art better than music… Painting, designing? Well, we are not here to focus on comparisons, we believe that any aspect of art unites people. That’s why this collaboration made us glad and proud, because in music, just as in painting or designing, you blend all different elements and make them come alive while combining them and creating harmony.

Fortissimo is the first Greek all – female electric string quartet, world widely known due to their global tours, and their collaborations with popular, international artists. Four inspired artists mixed together different types of music and came up with a very unique music style. In a similar way, we had to express this fusion on designing their visual identity.


The logo design was created after their philosophy; a perfect mixture of tradition and modernity. The creation of balance among elements that refer to different tones and notes of music, was perfectly achieved. In the same philosophy, we proudly designed the CD cover and packaging for their first album “Adore”.  The aim was to express freshness while classiness, in the powerful way they express themselves through music.

Art speaks where words are unable to explain.