Masoutis – PL Labels Olive Oil


When you think of the food retail industry in Greece, then “Masoutis” will be one of the top brands. But when it comes to northern Greece, then “Masoutis” is definitely considered to be the king of the supermarket industry with the largest network of stores in the area since 1976. It is a milestone for every creative agency or a designer to collaborate with a retail leader and get the opportunity to promote creative works widely, on supermarket shelves.

In 1998, the company started launching a private label line of goods, in order to offer competitive pricing to consumers, while collaborating with small-scale, local producers. “Mr Grand”, the branded product line, covers nowadays a wide range of household products. It was a great honor for us and a great challenge to undertake any redesign project.

The objective was to redesign the packaging for three main product categories: wine, olive oil, sauce. The brief was clear; to design the new packaging series with a fresh and updated approach without losing any of its simple and traditional character. We focused on a deep brand analysis and the competition positioning before creating a new visual identity. We wanted to keep it classy and achieve the elegance of a minimalist design.

Would you pay more attention to what you’re eating if food labels looked like this?