But first, coffee! Is this your motto in life? Then, have a comfortable seat and enjoy a great cup of coffee the story of our favorite creative design projects. Moka Coffee Roasters is based in Munich, Germany and has a vision; to deliver fresh roasted premium coffee and spread the culture of sharing and appreciating through the experience of coffee.

Their philosophy of respecting the human and the environment, and their great passion for quality, inspired us. Our mission was to create a brand identity strong enough to achieve our client’s goals; to serve others as a purpose of life. The challenge was double; we were asked to build from scratch a new brand identity for an international audience.

We collected all elements that would make up the brand, and started to structure the brand identity step by step. We had to choose the brand voice, the typography and set the color palette. The logo design is the main key for the visual communication, while the packaging design is the road to attract the right consumers. We worked with passion to offer our client a sophisticated visual identity, inspiring respect and uniqueness through their brand appearance.

Best way to achieve greatness is to serve others with great love.