Trata is a synonym of canned seafood in Greece, counting almost a century of life and being nowadays one of the most modern and advanced seafood processing industries in the European Union. The fact that a Greek brand with a global reputation trusted us for collaboration is a great honor, and a milestone for our creative team.

Our main mission was to create an outstanding and fully refreshed digital marketing strategy focused on social media marketing. We aimed to set a digital strategy focused on traditional and actual trends and create an up-to-date digital communication that the brand was missing. We are proud of this project, due to the fast growth of the community and the significant growth of reach and engagement of the audience through all social media channels, marked from May 2019 and on, when we managed the digital marketing consultancy.

Our main purpose was quality content creation, as we strongly support that content is the king of digital marketing and advertising. We focused on both sides of creation, concept creation and visual communication, giving equal attention to copywriting and creative design. In order to strengthen our digital campaigns, we managed the direction and production of a photo shooting and video production. As for the integration of the digital strategy, we promoted digital giveaways set on social media, or custom designed platforms. The implementation of the most creative concept ideas, in outstanding illustrative and infographics is something we should be proud of.

Life is like the ocean; waves will try to knock you down and push you back to where you started but once you fight through them, the entire ocean is yours.