Art Direction & Styling, Digital

Back in 2008, Glikanisos opened the windows to a new, culinary world full of Mediterranean flavors and the deep taste that the sea offers. The creative team wanted to launch a new experience, where simplicity and great food stand out. Due to their loyalty to quality and simplicity, they managed to evolve in the food industry and last long in Thessaloniki’s culinary identity.

We are proud to be their dedicated friends and partners, working for the brand development and building a digital strategy that will spread out loudly their values and goals. Υou know that you gained your partners’ appreciation when they call you their digital marketer online waitress! It is an honor to be trusted when you offer creative consultancy to a business. And you are happy twice, when it happens to talk directly to their customers’ hearts.

Brand communication is what we were called to manage, including every need of digital communication; social media management, online reputation management though press, paid ads campaigns and influencers. We are in charge of managing the entire content creation, including print and digital projects, and create original content through art direction and food styling for photo shootings and video productions.

Photography Olga Deikou

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Video production mathbeats cinematography