Art Direction & Styling

Melirrito is more than a bakery; it is a unique combination of quality food products and service. In Greek it means the one proverbing beautiful words, sweet like honey. Back in 2005, an inspired man, nostalgic about quality bread we used to eat in our childhood, decided to found a traditional bakery with a new perspective; the expression of a philosophy based on appreciation for quality and originality. Melirrito is a complex including bakery, delicatessen, patisserie and grocery, all providing a great variety of quality food.

As we share the same philosophy for quality in life, the match was optimal, regarding the visual impression. In February 2020, they delegated our team to create and manage a strong communication identity and be responsible for the entire digital marketing strategy. The challenge was clear; an inspired brand should be communicated in the most creative way, visualizing the uniqueness and originality on digital.

Photography Olga Deikou

To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.
We are proud of our work; we managed the coordination of every procedure for the ideal content creation. We offered art direction and food styling for the photo shoots and video productions, used in social media. We changed the social media strategy into an inspired one, building the audience’s desire to appreciate delicious and quality food. Our social media strategy is based on Facebook and Instagram content creations and paid ads management.

Video production mathbeats cinematography