Art Direction & Styling

Nutramins is a company- ambassador of “healhtyageing”, the philosophy of living well and growing better. It represents a mindset of wellbeing and appreciation of charming maturity, which perfectly matches our philosophy and way of thinking. When a brand inspires you, it’s a great pleasure to think out of the box and highlight a philosophy turned into a creative project.

The challenge was clear; to create a brand new digital identity, which provides a fresh and innovative digital presence, without missing the major goal – the strategic rules of healthcare promotion. When brand repositioning is the goal, everything has to be perfectly examined, designed and combined.

Nutramins adopted a digital marketing strategy based on social media management. We stayed focused on Instagram trying to highlight every tool that makes it attractive. Why not do it, when everyone likes Instagram? Our main interest was an interesting content creation that makes customers engage and interact. Our strategy was based on still life photo production and production of branded videos, tools that give value to social media, along with copywriting services on content creation and performance marketing; Google and social media ads management.

Photography Olga Deikou

Make #healthyageing not only a high ranked hashtag, but also a state of life.