MAYOR ZERVAS _ Pre-election campaign

Would you vote for mayoral election a creative design of a political campaign? Back in 2019, an inspired young man was the new candidate in the mayoral elections of Thessaloniki. A fresh person with a low profile and a great vision for the city was selected to lead one of the most powerful teams to take over the municipality of Thessaloniki. Konstantinos Zervas, the actual mayor of Thessaloniki (2019-2024) selected our team to implement every design promotion for his pre-election promotional campaign. Political advertising is much different compared to commercial advertising, because it carries a moral implication, it affects the population’s values, and influences an important procedure; the future of a city in our case. The challenge was great and triggered us in a very creative way. We needed a range research in order to create a brand identity that would differentiate, promoting a fresh radical design, without losing the robust character a political candidate would represent. We undertook every asset of the political advertising campaign. Our work included the design of the visual brand identity for any advertising displays; print media, signs, brochures, press ads. In a short-term schedule, we managed to design custom illustrations and motion videos for the digital promotion, in order to corporate the main digital marketing promotion. The election result made Konstantinos a winner, but the opportunity we gained by designing the advertising campaign gave us the gold medal in a creative marathon.
If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more & become more, you are a leader.