4tailors is a Greek fashion brand born in 2015 in Thessaloniki and it is dedicated to women who appreciate an urban and minimalistic way of living and style. Comfortable clothing, created after a sophisticated design with simple lines and a clear color palette, offering timeless aesthetics. This project talked to our hearts from the very beginning.

If there were a… fifth tailor, it would definitely be us! Our love for fashion and years of experience in the industry, have provided us with a strong eye for fashion and editorial styling. We managed to design the brand identity from scratch, to re-design the logo and set a corporate visual identity for our favorite brand. We aimed to build the brand communication for campaigns across digital and print.

Having the same sense of styling and being inspired by the same philosophy and approach on minimalism, the dream mixing of work and pleasure came true! We are in charge of getting the photoshooting styling and direction of several campaigns. The vision to see the conceptual story and curate a selection of partners, models, photographers, producers, gives each project a customized result that makes us all proud. Every campaign includes a brand direction and photoshoot styling, which is applied either on social media or another digital marketing application, or print campaigns in catalogues, brochures, or other print media.

Minimalism is not a style; it is an attitude, a way of being. All you need is less, and better quality.