Can you imagine a project fresh from the oven? Yes, when the asset is a brand lifting for a bakery and pastries spot. “Albeta” is an old brand in Thessaloniki, well-known for its authentic and traditional recipes of bread and pastries, but also a popular coffee spot for those who work in the city center or love to stroll around.

Our mission was the brand lifting of one of the stores, a small one spotted in Lassani Street, downtown. A cozy place that offers the warmth of a traditional bakery – the one that attracts you after the smell, while serving an urban and modern way of living at the same time. We realized that the new visual identification should be fresh and intense. The uplifted packaging products, cups, bags or boxes, should be remarkable and impossible for someone to pass by.

Yellow was the new black the new color identity; everything turned into yellow! Color has a significant impact, while designing a brand, because it has the ability to create emotions. Yellow is the most visible color and evokes cheerfulness. Yellow connotes many elements that we wanted to combine within the new visual identity, elements as wheat, yeast, bread, cream. Another highlight regarding the tone of voice was the use of folk quotes and sayings. We wanted to keep, in this way, a traditional Greek originality that would talk to the consumers’ hearts.

Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone; it has to be made, like bread, remade all the time, made new.